In a context of growing in energy demand (+ 25% by 2040 according to the IEA), we have the duty to integrate renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions into our industries, cities, homes, and transportation.

EGPI helps clients to build a more resource-conscious world through efficient, sustainable and affordable sourcing of energy, up to and including its transport and utilization.

We perform consulting and project management for our operator and network manager clients, including industrial, metropolitan, and delegated public service fields. Our projects include new installations, total or targeted renovation aimed at a technical improvement, and regulatory compliance.

heating and cooling networks renewable energies biomass smart city energy efficiency geothermal energy

EGPI provides the following services:

Assistance and consulting

  • Technical and energy audits, feasibility studies, economic appraisals model
  • Public assistance, advice to investors
  • Operations & maintenance assistance, commissioning

Design & Project Management

  • Initiation and Planning, design stage management
  • Construction stage management
  • Cost estimating, budget management and cost control
  • Schedule management, monitoring and control, commissioning

Key skills:

Renewable and new energies

  • District energy distribution
  • Thermal and photovoltaic solar energy
  • Geothermal power
  • Biomass and biogas energy, co-generation

Civil engineering

  • Route planning identifying pinch points and obstruction
  • Road design

Hydraulic engineering

  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Storage, pumping systems, instrumentation

Electrical engineering

  • Power, electrical and wiring systems (LV/HV)
  • Emergency generation and distribution systems (generators, UPS)
  • Smart distribution systems, communication, control systems