Eiffage Génie Civil and Eiffage integrate EGPI’s parent company EMENDA! in their team for the design and build of Metro line 15 (East-South) of the Grand Paris Express, which is scheduled to come into service by 2030. The grand paris express is one of the projects whose objective is to make Paris a 21st century’s metropolis.

EMENDA! will study “related projects” associated with stations, in particular the emblematic stations of Bondy, Val de Fontenay and Nogent le Perreux. The Société du Grand Paris has raised high environmental ambitions on these projects which must be labeled:
– For housing projects: E3C1 or E2C1, NF Habitat HQE, Effinature or Biodiversity, biobased level 3;
– For the tertiary project: double HQE Sustainable building certification 2016 / BREEAM NC 2016; Energy-Carbon label level E2C1

“In the current economic context, the loyalty of our customers is essential to preserve the sustainability of our companies. Eiffage Construction renews its confidence in us by entrusting us with the design of technical packages and environmental certifications and labels for 6 related projects of the future line 15 East South of Grand Paris. Our teams will think about how to connect “emergencies” to infrastructures (tunnels, stations) under the best conditions: protective measures, energy recovery opportunities, etc. Wood and bio-based materials will be in the spotlight! ”
Mathieu Garcia, CEO Emenda! & EGPI